Chevalier School Alumni Homecoming

In the recent CS Alumni Homecoming, which was held last April 28, 2007,

I was expecting a grand event or something that could make a difference among other homecomings. With this expectation, I judged the said event as an ordinary one. I don’t blame batch ‘82 for the event’s not being close to our hearts. Maybe I was just expecting a disco. Just kidding.

Weeks before the celebration, I was planning what clothes I would wear. I was already counting the people who claimed to attend.

Just hours before the start of the event, I was in our house, calling my classmates to ask if they would go there. It seemed like no one wanted to go, so I decided not to, as well.

After a few minutes, Benjamin asked, or should I say pleased, me to come. He said that true friends were going to attend.

I arrived at Chevalier School at around 8:30 p.m., and I saw my friends Benj, Anthony, Raphael, Marty, etc.

I immediately noticed a booth of San Miguel Beer. I asked for a glass and drank it straight. I drank a total of four glasses of pale pilsen. I guessed Jaime was shocked when he saw me drinking glasses of beer in just 30 minutes.

Right after my friends saw me getting glasses, they asked for the same drink from the booth, and they all the way drank.

I met Tonee, the friend of Benj, whom the latter has been sharing stories with me about. She is so easy to get along with. Actually, I enjoyed the night partially because of her presence.

We went to Northern Brew to have a cup of hot coffee. For three hours, Anthony, Benj, and I were sharing many things about college life. Of course, the other things we talked about are secret.

We decided to go home when the clock struck 12:00 midnight.


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