Defense Mechanism

As the title goes, this is a defense mechanism. After this post, I’ll be bubbly again.

You might think I am evasive of the seeming discourse you are hiding. Sorry, but I am not. You could cook all unlikable assumptions because of my mere silence. Yet, I’m guessing that you’d do so even if I spill all the matters I’ve long kept just to be humble to let your fine-tuned words that resemble a double-edged sword pass.

Mapping the cause of your predicament shows that its root is your avaricious tendency to oversee the Tower of Babel. If there’s nothing striking you could show to embellish your image, you’d step on another’s foot and pull someone else’s shroud. So despicable. I don’t doubt if people would still talk about your mask. Oops, I’m getting to harsh.

Just to rationalize, my intent was categorical. I rolled out real-life conditions, but you chose to debunk them. You thought everything would go to your accord. Sadly, as the cliché goes, change is constant — I am firm now.

Guilty or not guilty?

Now, I continue to be bubbly. : )

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