Benignity is the twin brother of malignity.

Haven’t you ever felt being glorious at the first place, suddenly, felt humiliating afterwards?

Several instances can bring all the angles of the saying not only inside the school premises but in the humanity, as well.

The usual occurrences are the achievements in life. I am not pulling down the mentality of other people that if people persevere much, they will then attain the equivalent or twice of the beginning’s degree as a success. The thing is that at every peak, there comes a downfall. Therefore, success in life is temporary; it’s not obtained forever.

Little do a number of students know that they possess power of judgment towards bearing the Gemini, of benevolence, that I present in this text.

Firstly, there are students who vie for high ranks who do everything to grasp such in the point that their fellow students are pulled down intentionally. Don’t they think that the meager in honor but rich in diligence and intellect deserve the glory over them? Couldn’t they stick in their minds that they themselves are not worthy for the title? Let’s say they don’t cheat during quizzes but forging the worthy is such a way of cheating. What about the diligent and intellectual? They receive their wage by heart without recognition and a false consequence turns the fake a legitimate.

Secondly is the vice versa of the saying. You’ll see students so clean and presentable outside but hello! They might have the character opposite the outside beauty and the person within them tells them to do rampant unfairness in classes to attain brilliance. But then the people would see only the brilliance, not knowing the other side; they would believe that they are benevolent.

What rudeness!

Thirdly are those students who don’t admit that they themselves are cautious in their academics. If you don’t, why do you study you lessons for exams/quizzes? We are sent to school to study, not to be carefree and enjoy the rest of high school with delight. There’s nothing wrong in studying prior to the high level of education implemented in the school. It’s not a waste of time because you still have spare time to relax and enjoy somehow. Instead, it greatly contributes in building a well-rounded “you.” Just think of your parents’ nosebleeds during work and their expectations after your term in school.

Fourthly is the relation to the personnel here in CS or even elsewhere. This I have to narrate. I, as a part of the high school clan of students, admit that I had been silly to some of the personnel before an unforgettable experience happened to me, together with some of my classmates. I ran wild to the administration to complain something that I thought, that time, as an injustice. Yet after that, we were called to get things in order. I realized that I had been unfair, too. I thanked God and the person involved very much for that incident taught me to be reasonable, fair, humble, and patient.

Fifthly, to present the affection, when we reach the bliss of friendship, love, or other feeling of relation, tomorrow then comes as a trial of sorrow. See for yourselves to experience the true bearing of what I’m talking about.

Lastly is the concealed talent and capacity inside you. You don’t have only one, not two, not three, but several. Don’t show yourselves lacking a big element you know or not. Just believe on every endeavor and opportunities in life that can outshine what’s hidden inside. People won’t discover those if you don’t show even just a single touch.

My dear readers, if we only loosen the blindfolds covering our eyes, we will attain the real Gemini of our own willpower. Let the small ones do their things towards glory because we also do our things to grasp such. We should make ourselves an instrument to break the riddle of wickedness inside us.

(This was my first article in my column Blue Axiom when I was in high school.)


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