Hot Air Balloon Valentines

February 11-14 marked the days of the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clarkfield, Pampanga. The exciting week-long event showcased numerous gigantic balloons, military tanks and weapons, and the Air Force’s jets and planes alongside with its brethren’s triumphs. The festival extends the history of Clark Air Base, having been the former United States Air Force and military facility based on Luzon for almost 90 years.

There was a lot more things to see and to do than to watch the balloons fly. There were skydiver flag jump, paragliding exhibition, aerobatic flight display, RC model aircraft demonstration, skydiving exhibition, light aircraft balloon bursting competition, kite flying exhibition, and rocketry demonstration.

The Gozun family spent some hours strolling at the free port zone on Valentine’s Day. We arrived at 9 am so we didn’t get to see all the balloons unlike last year, when we got to see all flying in at dusk. What we just did was to take a lot of photos of exhibitionists and us, carrying real riffles of soldiers, climbing up military tanks, and pseudo-flying a jet plane. It was a fun family bonding!

Testing the new Tele-Macro lens

Me,testing the new Tele-Macro lens

It was also my chance to test my new lens, Tamron Tele-Macro 70-300mm. I loved its ocular ability to hit the farthest plane in the sky.

Clark has never been a strange place to my family. Prior to the advent of SM, Ayala, and Robinsons Malls, there were Duty Free malls in the fields like Pure Gold, PX, and Oriental where we used to buy tons of households for a few dollars. Another thing is whenever there was a slumber party, we used to choose Fontana and Mimosa as our boot camps because they were easily accessible from our home.

To compare, I like the last year’s festival than the recent when at 9 am, the place was already congested with foreigners (aside from the Americans who permanently live in the vicinity of Clark), professional photographers, people from Metro Manila, and random travellers. While the congestion marks the success of tourism, I still miss breathing the fresh air while flying a kite and running.

On another note, Happy Valentine’s Day baby, and Kyong Hee Huat Chai to the Chinese-Filipino community!

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3 Responses to “Hot Air Balloon Valentines”

  1. Barry 22. Feb, 2010 at 9:04 pm #

    Awesome way to spend valentine’s! And I didn’t know you take very good pictures! I shall contact you pagkelangan ko na ng photog for other stuff ah HAHA

    PS I’ll see you in Adhoc? :p


  2. AD! 16. Feb, 2010 at 12:32 pm #

    The first photo above reminds me of Mondrian Art, but my fine art friend thinks that your ratios are off ;-) just kidding! i think the ratio central to this kind of arrangement is a 2/3 by 3/3. but anyways, great attempt! ciao!


    John Carl Reply:

    Hello! Thanks for dropping by. :) Regarding the first photo, those pictures were cropped and made into a collage using Picasa. I didn’t have time to present all photos the most presentable way hehe. Yup, the ratio is 2/3.


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