MnemoArt: The Pautakan 2008 Poster

MnemoArt is a look-back at my artworks prior to Project ISKO. Most of these are graphic designs, childhood drawings, caricatures, high school projects, and even objects with sentimental value.


Ever since, the Oblation Revolving Trophy symbolizes intelligence. On the foreground, the Oblation and the young student become one, and the union exemplifies the outstanding cognitive excellence, which is depicted by the gold swirls. The background, on the other hand, depicts the different fields each contestant of the same team may excel in. Through “teamplay,” students of different fields unite, leading to eventual individual excellence that is depicted by the foreground.

Quick tutorial:

  1. Use the the green and maroon paint brush colors to create an abstract image.
  2. Go to Filters->Mosaic and choose the best mosaic that will not eat your foreground.
  3. For the spotlight effects, go to Filters->Render->Lighting Effects. Choose among the presets or you may manually design your desired output.
  4. For the curves, download sets of photoshop brushes that include curves and feathers. Go to Layers->Create New Layer, and lay your brush once with 100% hardness. On the layers panel, right click the current layer and choose Blending Options. Play with the effects like Bevel and Emboss, Gradient and Drop down shadow.
  5. For the Oblation, search the net for a nice picture and do the Blending Options -> Satin Overlay.

This is my first MnemoArt. I’ll try to dig my memory box to share more.

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2 Responses to “MnemoArt: The Pautakan 2008 Poster”

  1. Bryan Karl 16. Aug, 2009 at 9:15 pm #

    Wow nice one Carl! May talent talaga. ;)


    John Carl Reply:

    Thanks Bryan! Next post ko ay “Sketching ____.” Depende kung sino ang iffeature ko.


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