Stop SOPA!


If you haven’t noticed, Wikipedia, WordPress, TwitPic and Reddit have blacked out their websites in protest against Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). 

SOPA or House Bill No 3261 of the United States House of Representatives is a bill nearing the Congress. It gives omniscient power to US content creators within and outside US to bring down any website that violates their IP. Moreover, they can order websites such as Google, YouTube, Yahoo, PayPal, and The Pirate Bay to limit their services in accord to aiding any violation or infringement without appearing before a court.

In a nutshell, the bill shall deprive us of our enjoyment in digital life — learning, photo-sharing, online business, social networking, media streaming, online auction, blogging, and the like.

There is a ton of entities against it — President Obama, Yahoo, Google, Netfirms, GoDaddy (just recently turned into), Wikipedia, among others. While we can feel that most websites offering free online services are against SOPA, there’s a long list of those who are in favor of it.

The least thing we (assuming you, reader, are against it) can do is to make our protest visible online or raise awareness.

On January 24, PIPA, a similar bill, shall be voted on in the US Senate.

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