Thank You Fr. Jboy

Dear Fr. Jboy,

I know you have a hectic schedule, but I make sure I catch you every Thursday mass at the Church here in UP-D. I really learned a lot from your homily last Ash Wednesday. I reconciled with my friend who means a lot to me. I just realized that we just had a misunderstanding. This reconciliation happened because of what you said about what the ashes on our foreheads signify.

Lately, I asked for an advice from you regarding my problem: maturity. I have been so sensitive and emotional, but a few moments ago, I read your latest blog entry “Grow Up!” I guess this entry is a form of advice since there wasn’t any reply from my personal message to you. Really, I can’t believe things happen for wonderful reasons.

Thanks so much.

Best regards,

“To God be the Glory!”

To view the blog entry, click this link.


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