John Carl - Professional Drummer, Instructor & Clinician

Professional player, instructor & clinician of drums and snare in rock, pop, funk, jazz, latin, reggae, fusion, heavy metal and more.

Serving Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

Professional player and instructor of drums in rock, pop, funk, jazz, latin, reggae, fusion, heavy metal and more.

Group Instruction/Clinics



Learn how to:

  • Play beats and fills
  • Play the rudiments
  • Incorporate rudiments into your playing style
  • Keep steady time
  • Play to your favorite songs
  • Play a drum solo
  • Read and write drum notation
  • Set up a practice room
  • Practice effectively
  • Pick your optimal time of day to practice
  • Perform for an audience with confidence


John played his first snare drum at six years old when his school music teacher brought one to music class.  She let the students play the drum while she played Yankee Doodle on the piano.  John played the correct rudimental pattern to that song never having had a lesson.  His music teacher praised him for his natural ability.  John went on to learn to read music, play in bands, and played his first paid gig at 18 years old and has been playing professionally ever since.  He began instructing drum set and snare in his early 20's.  John was named as one of Boston's top drummers at the 'Best Drummer in Boston' competition in 1990.


John is available to give group lessons to drummers at all skill levels and also advanced clinics for those who want to learn how to practice and play with the ultimate goal of becoming a professional drummer.




Instructional Sessions